L'Interview Timbrée - 36 - Timo Meyer

It's been a while since our last interview - sorry about that - but we're back on tracks. And it's time to fly to Germany and meet Timo Meyer. Geometric shapes, punchy colors and playful world, welcome to the Stamped Interview, Timo!


Little Findings serie by Timo


Your address (real or fake) as you want to read it on a postcard?

Timo Meyer,
A studio just a few meters from the train tracks,
Bonn, Germany


On holiday, to give news to your loved ones, are you rather of the kind to send a postcard or mms?

I send a postcard. And because I'm a bit lazy about writing, I always end up sending the postcards on the very last day of the holidays.



Little Findings  01 / 03


Your work is very full of contrast, geometry and punchy colors. Can you tell us about your work process ? 

I normally start with pen on paper. For me it's the quickest and most intuitive way to explore certain concepts and shapes. After that I transfer the sketches to illustrator for digital fine tuning. That's where they get their final geometric shapes and colors. In the beginning it all looks chaotic, but in the end it all comes together. Almost like a jigsaw puzzle.


If you could see the universe of an artist in a collection of postcards or stamps, who would you choose?

Charles and Ray Eames. They created fascinating designs that still inspire today. Timeless, elegant, simple. I love that.*

*There's actually at least one stamp serie from Eames work
edited by California Post back in 2008




Timo's work is full of geometry and contrast


If you were to have an epistolary relationship with an idol, who would it be?

I think I would love to exchange letters with Syd Mead. Just to get some insights into his process creating all this futuristic, beautiful movie worlds.

* Syd Mead is a designer and concept artist behind
futurist universes such as Aliens, Blade Runner or Tron.


Your most memorable journey?

A few years ago my girlfriend and I visited one of my old classmates who was living in Boston at that time. The highlight was a trip to Acadia National Park on the coast of Maine. One morning before dawn we drove to Cadillac Mountain, which offers the first sight of sunrise in the continental United States. It was very cold, very cloudy, but a truly special moment when the sun came out.



Little Findings  02 / 03



The destination, real or fictitious, for your next trip?

In Autumn we'll travel to Lissabon and The Algarve. I can't wait to see the beautiful coast and its famous caves - Benagil Sea Cave, Captain’s Cave. I love caves.


We discovered your work through your covers for La Gazette. Can you tell us more about this project?  

I was asked by Le Petit Ballon to create two covers for their wine magazine La Gazette. One of the issues was about the wine region of Bordeaux. For the cover I tried to combine wines and chateaux. And because of the fact, that the rivers Garonne and Dordogne and the Atlantic ocean have a great beneficial effect on the vineyards, I wanted to include them too. Putting all of that in one illustration while trying to keep it all as minimalistic as possible, that was the challenge.



Timo's work for La Gazette


What's the craziest thing you've ever done?

Leaving the house in Spring without taking an antihistamine*.

*Thug life!



Tell us about the series of stamps you have imagined?

When I take a walk or travel I often take a sketchbook with me to draw things I see on my way. Little things on the ground that look special somehow, like sea shells, crushed beverage cans or bottle caps. So I chose to dedicate my stamp series to these little findings.



Little Findings  03 / 03


What's new for you soon, a news that you'd like to talk about?

In May my biggest editorial project so far will be published. And I’m really curious how it will look printed. Another thing I’m planning right now is a summer project, something self-initiated. Last year I painted a longboard deck. I always wanted to create a mural. Maybe I’m doing that this year.




Little Findings serie by Timo


Check Timo's works on Instagram, Twitter or on his website.


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