L'Interview Timbrée - 47 - Dan Woodger

Time to fly to London and meet one the most brilliant illustrator of his generation : Dan Woodger. A human dressed up as a banana, fed with pop culture and with the only aim to send you love and hilarious characters!

Italy serie by Dan Woodger

Your address (real or fake) as you want to read it on a postcard ?

Dan Woodger, 
An old airplane factory behind the railway station, 
Kingston Upon Thames, 

On holiday, to give news to your loved ones, are you rather of the kind to send a postcard or MMS (Yes we’re old, so we still say MMS)

I’m more likely to send a picture over WhatsApp or do an Instagram Story. I wish I was the kinda of person to send a postcard, it’s far more personal isn’t it?*

*It is! :)  

Italy 01 / 03


Do you remember a post or postcard that marked your life?

The letter I received telling me I had got into the University of Brighton to study illustration. That was probably the most life changing / memorable piece post I have received. 

We saw your beautiful collaboration with Samsung Taiwan. Mapping, animation, illustration, even phone case. Can you tell us more about it?

Thank you! That was a crazy project. There’s so much to talk about, but I’ll try and keep it short and sweet.

The brief was to write, direct and animate a short animation celebrating the city of Taipei which would then open the Nuit Blanche Animation festival as part of a multi-faceted marketing collaboration with Samsung.

As the lead artist for the campaign I was flown out to Taiwan where in the run up to the festival I took part in a series of press conferences, live drawing sessions and even a fan Q&A at the Samsung flagship store.

During my two week stay in Taiwan I was shown around the city by a documentary film crew, who took me to cultural locations such as Taipei’s Elephant Mountain (“Xiangshan”) and the Raohe Night Market. Here I was able to play with the Galaxy Note 8, combining photographs with my hand drawn characters using the S Pen.

On the night of the Nuit Blanche festival, the Mayor of Taipei introduced my animation which was then projection mapped onto the University of Taipei library building and soundtracked live by the City Orchestra!  

It was the experience of a lifetime and a project I’ll never forget.*

*We can’t even picture it! That looks amazing!

Taipei tales by Dan


If you could see the universe of an artist in a collection of postcards or stamps, who would you choose?

I really love Justyna Stasiks* work. I think a postcard/stamp collection by her would look incredible. 

*Go catch her beautiful wallpapers

If you were to have an epistolary relationship with an idol, who would it be?

Ahhh I have no idea. There’s certainly people I really admire but I don’t really have any idols. Maybe Louis Theroux. But we’d play that drawing/folding game* instead of writing to each other. *According to Google the game is called ‘Exquisite Corpse’… which is more gruesome sounding than I had expected.


Italy 02 / 03


Your most memorable journey?

Driving from Banff to Vancouver through the Canadian Rockies last year. That might have been the most spectacular road trip I’ve ever taken, we even spotted wild bears.

Or perhaps the time we got the overnight train from London to Prague. That journey was memorable for all the wrong reasons though. We were trying to sleep on a very old, soviet era train that had no heating in the middle of January. It was just awful - the coldest I’ve ever been.  

The destination, real or fictitious, for your next trip?

Italy, my girlfriend and I have always wanted to go so we’re planning a trip next year. Plus it has all the food & drink we really like. Pasta, Pizza, Coffee, Wine, and Gelato.*

*Sounds like the best plan!

Work in progress!


We love the way you show your work in progress, as on your guessing game for NOW TV. Can you tell us about your work routine ? 

Ooh yeah, I’ve actually made quite a big change to my process recently. I got an iPad about 6 months ago and that has been life changing. I now work almost completely digitally which I can’t quite believe I’m saying. 

I do all my sketching and idea generation in Procreate on the iPad and then once I’m happy with the sketch I trace over my sketches with a more solid/neat black line (also in Procreate) then I send the line drawing to Photoshop on my desktop and add colour and final details. 

What's the craziest thing you've ever done?

Left my car outside the studio for 5 minutes without paying for parking. *

*Real thug life!

Italy 03 / 03


Tell us about the series of stamps you have imagined?

I guess it’s just an expression for my love of travelling… That’s really boring to say isn’t it? Everyone loves travelling, but I really am excited to visit Italy next year and it’s been on my mind a lot lately. 

What's new for you soon, a news that you'd like to talk about?

I’m currently working on pitch for an animated TV series. These things are always tricky to get picked up and turned into reality but I’ve teamed up with a writing partner and we’re really confident in the concept. We know it’ll be difficult but you just have to give these things a go don’t you!? Life’s too short! 

Italy serie by Dan Woodger


Check Dan’s work on Instagram, Tumblr or on his portfolio.

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