Think of us as a publishing house for images and handcrafted objects.

An online gallery, an online shop, an art gallery and a wide distribution network through different channels such as bookstores, gift shops and tourist information points. Promoting culture through exhibitions, meetings and public workshops with the artists.  At Maison Tangible, we aspire to craft objects that are not only beautiful but also meaningful.

Our products

We bring out images in different formats from postcards to posters, but also puzzles and other wooden toys, customized and modular objects, and prints. We work with international artists to play and experiment with different media.

Our values

We created Maison Tangible because we wanted to defend the idea that culture and contemporary design should be accessible to everyone. By working together with local suppliers on a just-in-time basis, we limit waste and give a human touch to the objects we make.

Sharing, collaborating, experimenting together, that is the spirit of Maison Tangible.

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